Brandy Manuel
Artist, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Healer
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Soul's Journey
Each piece is a visual interpretation of a passage from the Egyptian book of the dead; a guide through the underworld for the deceased, I decided on the name Soul's Journey for these pieces to reflect how the book relates to life after death, but also the journey of the soul throughout one's life. In Egyptian lore vultures are mothering, protective creatures that represent the feminine aspect of the soul, and in my work guides the soul. Lions, like in most western cultures, are strong, fierce, and persistent, and are the male aspects that pursue the soul in my work. The background colors are also very important to my pieces. Each color was chosen in order to visually express the emotions the animals are experiencing and how they react to those feelings; for example, red for passion and violence, muddy yellow for hesitation, and green for healing, etc.
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Gift, SOLD Acrylic and Charcoal 
“Behold! Thy soul is a star living, behold, among its brethren.” -Papyrus of Ani, Book of the Dead Ch CLXII.

Defying, SOLD Acrylic and Charcoal “Let not be taken away my heart from me, let it not be wounded, let there not be wounds upon me.” -Papyrus of Ani, Book of the Dead Ch XXVII.
Descent, 23X17" Acrylic and Charcoal $300 “I, even I know you. I know your names. Do not cast me down to your slaughtering knives... let not come my moment before you.” -Papyrus of Ani, Book of the Dead Ch CXXV.
Seeking, SOLD Acrylic and Charcoal “May I be filled according to what wisheth to receive my heart; may I obtain power through myself. May I understand my soul.” -Papyrus of Ani, Book of the Dead Ch CLXII.
Winged Protectress, 10x9x10" Acrylic on ceramic $500 “My heart upon its seat I watch and guard. I have placed thee in thy heart without wavering O never setting stars.” -Papyrus of Ani, Book of the Dead Ch LIX., LIV., Plate XXI.
Ascent, 35"x50" Acrylic and Charcoal NLE “May I renew myself, may I become strong. I am, in very truth I am a shining being, and a dweller in light.” -Papyrus of Ani, Book of the Dead Ch LXXVIII., LXXIII.
Path, SOLD Acrylic and Charcoal “[I am] the guardian of darkness living in the light... I am one of you.” -Papyrus of Ani, Book of the Dead Ch XVII.,XXVIII.
Waiting, SOLD Acrylic and Charcoal “I am silent, I am pure... I am protected from the baleful acts of those who live in their days.” -Papyrus of Ani, Book of the Dead Ch CXXV.
Returning, SOLD Acrylic and Charcoal “I have come, I have destroyed evil. I am strong before you.. I have come that I may be protecting thee.” -Papyrus of Ani, Book of the Dead Ch LXXIX., CLI.
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